Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About The Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies

During that great formative period of the United States more than two centuries ago, the American Founding Fathers were acutely aware that mankind in general is seeking the same three things:

1. Freedom
2. Prosperity
3. Peace

They set out to find a system of government that would provide these things for the people of America and hoped it would extend to all people eventually. Miraculously, in less then a century their experiment created the most free and prosperous people in the world.

Our center's mission is to bring to light the truths behind the founders' actions in order to preserve liberty and prosperity for all. We believe that too many decisions which directly affect our freedoms are made and have been made with out adequate thought given to these solid principles. We therefore offer a myriad of products and services that enlighten the learner and give solid suggestions for not only preserving our nation, but healing it.

We hope you will join us in this journey to defend and restore the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Executive Team

Dr. Glenn Kimber
Kevin Walkenhorst
Richard Wells
Jeff Allen
Spencer Haymond

Please visit the link below for a complete listing of classes. http://thomasjeffersoncenter.com/events/calendar-of-events

For more information about the content of the seminars visit: http://thomasjeffersoncenter.com/events/healing-of-america

If you are interested in any particular class email us at healingofamerica@gmail.com and indicate the class you would like to attend.

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